Fully Frameless and Semi Framless Glass Pool Fencing 

Fully Frameless Glass

Framing a pool area with a glass fence provides guests with a splendid, unhindered view. Glass is an understated, magnificent material. We source High Quality Glass Certified to Australian Standards. 

Our Safety Pool Glass undergoes heat soaking and surface stress testing to provide confidence of the best quality toughened glass on the market

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Glass Pool Fencing Tips & Advice

When deciding on a new Fully Frameless Glass Pool Fence we encourage our clients to consider 3 main factors; Glass, Spiggots & Installation. Quality in all of these factors is important and Northern Rivers Fencing assures quality throughout.

Glass: Our toughened safety glass is manufactured to Industry & Australian standards and is compliance & quality stamped to reflect this. Our glass is consistently tested at random intervals and every piece of glass manufactured is inspected to ensure any imperfections are eradicated. Recently there have been some concerns surrounding the quality of glass used in the fencing industry and professional advice is to make sure your glass is manufactured to Australian standards.

Spigots: The most important factor in relation to material are the Spigots and these are arguably the most important structural component of the fence itself. We use a quality 316 & 210 Marine grade stainless steel spigot. This ensures maximum strength & corrosion resistance whilst looking very modern & stylish for the lifetime of your fence. There are cheaper aluminium and stainless steel spigots on the market although they do not provide the same strength and can end up corroding and flaking quite quickly in a swimming pool environment.

Installation: it is important that you choose a licensed contractor to construct your fence. In NSW any residential building works where the reasonable market cost of labour & material is more than $5,000 must be conducted by a licensed fencer. Experience is also a must and the installer should have experience installing similar fencing and should be able to provide evidence upon request. The contractor should also have relevant insurances to protect people and property while they work, ensuring consumer safety and quality. Northern Rivers Fencing is fully licensed, insured and we encourage all our clients to check license details of contractors using the official NSW link:


We hope you find this article helpful and if you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.