Modular Wall Pool Fencing

Started in 2002, ModularWalls is a highly practical fencing and wall solution providing an appealing masonry-rendered look but for only half the price of a regular brick wall. Requiring no strip footing, the walls are fast to install: on average 1/5th of the installation time of a brick wall.

ModularWalls products are acoustically tested and rated and provide great sound reduction benefits. It is the perfect solution to transform your home into a peaceful oasis.

For projects requiring a retaining solution, retaining integrated panels are also available, providing a seamless look and retaining up to 750mm of soil. No need of an ugly cement block anymore!

Designed to last, the composite panel technology provides a panel that is strong, lightweight, will not rot, warp, or crack. All walls come with a 15-year guarantee.

As a highly versatile and customisable product, ModularWalls can be used with any home style: you can choose your own tailored painting finish, features, slats and infills, lighting effects, gates, audio or security systems and more.



A visually Appealing and Sound reducing option for Pool Safe Boundary Fencing

SlimWall is Australia’s fastest growing fencing solution for homeowners in search of an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective alternative to traditional Colorbond or timber options.


SlimWall is an aesthetically versatile fencing option that can be painted or finished to suit the architectural style of pre-existing houses. The aesthetic flexibility and superior acoustic performance of the SlimWall enables homeowners to create their own tranquil outdoor oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the big city.


The SlimWall can also be converted into an all-in-one fencing and retaining solution via the incorporation of the SlimWall retaining panel, which is capable of retaining up to 500mm of soil.


Modular Wall Boundary Fencing Vogue Wall Northern Rivers Fencing

The VogueWall is a stylish and adaptable modular wall system that has emerged as one of the most popular noise barrier solutions on the market. Mirroring the look of a single brick wall with piers, the modular nature of the VogueWall makes it far easier and quicker to install than a standard brick wall, as there is no need for extensive strip footings or complex engineering.


The VogueWall can be employed in conjunction with a range of acoustic panel offerings to achieve specific aesthetic or functional objectives, and can also retain up to 750mm.

As a highly versatile modular wall product, the VogueWall can also incorporate a broad range of features such as lighting, customised letterboxes, slat in-fills and gates, enabling it to fully complement any architectural style.


The EstateWall is a premium wall product designed to closely mirror the style and appearance of a traditional masonry structure, while still retaining the benefits of a lightweight modular system.


The pressed steel posts of the EstateWall replicate the dimensions of a double brick structure, achieving a solid and grandeur appearance for roughly half the cost of a conventional masonry solution and is ideal for use as a grand front wall, boundary wall, premium residential wall or acoustic wall.

The EstateWall can also incorporate the EstateWall retaining panel to serve as a retaining feature (up to 750mm), for a smooth, seamless appearance that is impossible to achieve with a stand-alone block retaining wall.